Repaired bumper corner in primer.

Bumper corner painted and finished.

Range Rover with first coat of lacquer applied

This Range Rover has had a full respray - One very happy customer!!

MGB - Masked and prepared ready for primer

MGB - Painted and polished ready for collection

Mercedes 190E Cosworth - masked, prepared and ready for paint

Mercedes 190E Cosworth - Painted and polished ready for fitting

Fiat 500 Prepared and ready to paint

Fiat 500 respray complete

MGF ready for first coat of colour

MGF respray complete

Damaged quarter panel.

Pin tool used to remove dent.

Painted, polished and finished - ready for collection.

Austin Mini Cooper - primed up.

Mini Cooper painted.

Ready for collection.

Scratched Mercedes bonnet.

Prepped and ready for painting.

Painted and polished.

VW Beetle badly damage door and quarter panel.

New door fitted to check alignment of rear quarter panel.

Damage is cut out with an air saw to allow easy access for panel beating damaged panel.

Damaged panel welded after panel beating.

Filler work now completed.

Painted ready for polishing.

Damaged bumper section in primer ready to paint.

Bumper corner painted and finished.